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Dog Training

Mary Beth's Dog Training

Unleashing Your Dog's Potential

Specializing in obedience and basic training for dogs and puppies in Montgomery County, Maryland. I can teach your dog to behave and learn their manners so everyone in the family can get along.



My method of training uses ONLY positive reinforcement to ensure that your dog always feels comfortable, happy & safe.


All training sessions are individual with only you and your dog. This allows me to give you and your dog the full attention and customize each session to your individual training needs.


You're busy, save time. Training can take place in your backyard or a convenient public park. 


Puppy Basics

2-4 months old | $400

This 6-week class consists of 6, 1-hour  private sessions with you and your puppy. It is designed to help prepare you and your puppy for success by teaching basic skills. You will learn how to get your puppy's attention, as well as teach them, come, sit, down, wait, and other commands. We will also be working on skills such as socializing, desensitizing, teething, mouthing, potty training, grooming, greeting nicely, and more. Of course, all of the training is catered to and you and your pup's needs and abilities.

Image by Jamie Street

Puppy Training

4-6 months old | $400

This 6-week private class consists of 6, 1-hour sessions with you and your puppy. In this class, we will build on the skills learned in the Puppy Basics and work on commands such as sit, stay, come, wait, down, leave it, and place as well as leash training, food aggression, grooming, greeting people nicely, desensitizing & more. If there are any other particular skills you would also want your pup to know I am very happy to help you with that, as these lessons are extremely personalized for you and your pup's success.

Walking with Dogs

Basic Obedience Training

6 months & older | $400

This 6-week class consists of 6, 1-hour private sessions with you and your dog. In this class we will work on the basic commands such as sit, stay, come, wait, down, leave it, place as well as leash training, greeting people, food aggression, and desensitizing. As always theses classes are your puppy and you and anything you want to learn we are happy to do.

Dog Walker

Custom Hourly Sessions

All Ages | $75

Sometimes you and your dog just need a little refresher or maybe you have a particular skill you'd like to work on in training. These are highly customizable 1 hr, sessions where we can work to address any specific needs you have.

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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.







Marybeth is awesome! Our family really enjoyed having her as our puppy whisperer. Olli our puppy loved her. Would definitely reach out to her again if/when get a new puppy.


Dog Trainer

Mary Beth

I love working with dogs and have a passion for helping dogs and humans create a life long bond through successful training. I started my dog training journey by having the privilege to train several service dogs for US Veterans. My training philosophy revolves around training your dog with you and then empowering you with the skills to continue to develop and reinforce the training. I enjoy working with dogs of all breeds and sizes and I can't wait to meet your beloved pooch and you!

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